System MB-60

SYSTEM MB - 60 is the so called ‘warm’ profile.
The three-chamber section is made of two aluminium profiles connected with a spacer having excellent thermal -insulation properties. It is possible to use two profiles- a different inside and a different outside. The system made of EPDM synthetic rubber gaskets considerably increases door thermal -insulation as well as reduces condensation of water vapour.

Doors in this profile are suitable for all climatic conditions and all types of constructions especially house buildings where thermal and acoustic insulation parametres are often factors which influence the choice of the doors. 

The shape of the profiles allows to achieve slender and durable door constructions. MB-60 system is characterised by low heat- transfer coefficient thanks to the application of specially designed thermal breaks and gaskets. Doors in this profile are suitable for all climatic conditions and all types of buildings. In terms of aesthetics, durability and functionality they are compliant with the protection standards of thermal insulation of buildings as well as environmental and health standards. Their use guarantees saving heat as well as protection against the cold and noise.


  • Wide range of colours, doors varnished in over 180 colours with accordance to RAL palette
  • The possibility of applying all types of window panes; the thickness of the glazing packages ranges between 5 and 41mm.

Tightness and insulation:

  • Special, high quality EPDM synthetic rubber


Colours of aluminium (180 colours in accordance with RAL palette)

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