Wooden windows are made of pine tree and meranti in Softline system. They are characterised by modern and aesthetic design.

A beautiful form of the rounded profile contributes to streamlined shape, as well as smooth and shiny surface. Great quality and resistance to warping of the windows made in this system Softline is guaranteed by three-layer solid wood which has been properly seasoned. Added to this, the durability of the windows is prolonged by impregnation and priming. Frame thresholds and bottom sash edges are protected by aluminium drips, the line of which matches the gentle contours of the whole assembly. The preservation of the joinery is very easy, taking no longer than its cleaning.

Profile section:

  1. Possibility of applying a wide range of glazing packages
  2. Profiled glazing gasket
  3. Multi-layer profile guarantees stability of the construction
  4. Internal profile undercut
  5. Thermo-drip which enhances water drainage
  6. Aluminium bar protecting wood from UV radiation and water flowing from the glazing
  7. Eco-friendly paint with base coat and impregnant against vermins and mould
  8. Envelope seal

Advantages of the profile:

Cechy charakterystyczne:

  • Our wooden Windows are characterised by durability and they do not warp or break
  • The windows are made of natural resources
  • Very good thermal-insulation parameters
  • Very low heat-transfer coefficient
  • An elegant design


A very wide range of colours(the whole RAL palette) and the staining with visible wood structure. We meet the needs of all our customers, even the most demanding ones. All paint coatings that we us are environmentally friendly.

Window panes:

Each window by Drutex S.A. is equipped in one-chamber composite-glazing package for which DRUTEX S.A. uses Guardian glass.

Standard glazing package comprises of 4mm window pane( type float), 16 mm spacer bar of, and 4 mm soft-coated pane( type thermofloat). The surface between the panes is filled with gas-argon in order to achieve lower thermal insulation value.

Standard glazing package includes increased heat insulation with the thermal insulation value of 1,0 which is in compliance with norm EN-674.

Moreover, DRUTEX S.A. offers the possibility of individual choice of an appropriate, different glazing package so that it creates even more perfect protection against burglary noise or excessive sunlight.


All types of DRUTEX S.A. windows and doors manufactured on the basis of aluminium profiles are equipped in multi –point lockings by ROTO type ALU 500 and locks by METAPLAST CZĘSTOCHOWA.

Ze względu na rodzaj zastosowanego okucia wyróżnia się:

  • Windows with T (tilt) function  – the main function of this type of windows is tilt- function, which is in our standard offer
  • Windows with C (casement) function - the main function of this type of windows is casement – function, which is in our standard offer.
  • Windows with TT (tilt-turn) - the main function of this type of windows is tilt-turn function, which is in our standard offer.

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