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Warm profile GL System is designed by DRUTEX S.A. It has been created for the customers who value aesthetics and modernity. Five -chamber profile design with appropriate sealing of the window panes and frames provides perfect thermal -insulation.

PVC IGLO 5 windows made in GL SYSTEM are offered in various shapes and the rounded lines of the profile conform to the most up-to- date trends on the PVC window joinery market. System GL makes it possible to offer windows which meet all the functional requirements and at the same time show the highest quality in terms of aesthetics. The system is available in the semi -flush version with the frame’s depth equal to 70mm and the sash’s depth equal to 80mm.

Profile section:

  1. Five- chamber profile design and the depth of the enclosure of the pcv window at 70mm provides perfect thermal and acoustic protection
  2. Specific shape and the implantation of the EPDM gasket in special channels and notches ensures optimal insulation and long-term usage
  3. 13 mm of the axis of the fitting notch ensures optimal anti-burglar protection
  4. Modern design conforms with the trends at the Glazing market
  5. The possibility of applying a wide range of window panes.
  6. Invisible glass seals
  7. Big inner chamber assures appropriate statics
  8. Flat inner surface of the frame facilitates appropriate installation of the PVC window

Advantages of the profile:

  • Five- chamber profile design allows to obtain high parameters of thermal -insulation and perfect stability: the system of intra- profile chambers, gaskets and the application of thermo-insulation window panes allows considerable reduction of heat energy losses and costs of heating.
  • Aesthetic and invisible window pane seal
  • Possibility of applying a wide range of window pane packages with the depth of 36mm
  • 13 mm distance from the frame edge to the axis of the fitting notch ensures an optimal anti- burglary protection
  • Specific shape as well as the implantation of the EPDM gasket in special channels and notches assures optimal insulation and long-term usage.
  • Steel reinforcement in the frame and the sash assure ideal rigidity which plays a key role in big constructions.


Window panes:

Each window by Drutex S.A. is equipped with one-chamber composite-glazing package for which DRUTEX S.A. uses Guardian glass.

Standard glazing package comprises of 4 mm window pane( type float), 16 mm spacer, and 4 mm soft-coated pane( type thermofloat). The surface between the panes is filled with gas-argon in order to achieve lower heat- transfer coefficient.

Standard glazing package includes increased heat insulation properties at the U value of 1,0 which is in compliance with norm EN-674.

Moreover, DRUTEX S.A. offers the possibility of individual choice of an appropriate, different glazing package so that it creates even more perfect protection against burglary, noise or excessive sunlight. The company makes it possible to change the glazing package into window panes of type float, stopsol, reflectofloat, ornament, safe or anti-burglar.


The comfort of the handling of the window depends on the additional functions. All types of windows manufactured by DRUTEX S.A. on the basis of PVC profiles are equipped in multi –point lockings by MACO.

  • Windows with T (tilt) function – windows equipped in fittings which enable tilting. There is also possibility to apply, on customer's request, for an additional anti- burglar latch.
  • Windows with C (casement) function - except from their standard casement-function these windows also have sash lift which facilitates closing the window and improving the comfort of use. Moreover, they are equipped in an anti-burglar latch which makes it impossible to force the window from the outside.
  • Windows with TT (tilt-turn) - Tilt –turn windows are equipped in the latest solution which is microventilation in air latch. It unseals the window from 10 to 13 mm which makes faster air exchange possible. It also has a sash lift facilitating the closing of the sash, lifting mishandling device, which prevents the window sash from falling out from the fittings and 1 anti-burglar latch which makes it impossible to force the tilt window from the outside.

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